Horse Muesli feed

1-Reducing complications such as colic, laminitis (lameness)

2-Treatment of metabolic diseases caused by improper nutrition

3- The formation of muscles and shaping of the horse

4- Accelerating the recovery of damaged muscles

5- Increase fertility

6- Freshness and shine of horse skin and hair

7- Strengthening the strength of bones, hoofs, teeth, tendons, joints and muscles

8- Providing the horse’s needs such as energy, protein, essential amino acids, trace elements, minerals and vitamins using the latest achievements in nutrition science.

9- Improving the digestibility and absorption of starch, as well as preventing digestive and respiratory problems in horses due to the use of processed grains.

10- The formation of muscles, shaping the horse’s body, accelerating the repair of damaged muscles

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A suitable product to provide all the nutritional needs of horses for riding clubs and horse breeders

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