Popped barley

1- Reducing the possibility of acidosis by using barley

2- Reduction of fattening period

3- Improving food conversion rate

4- Increasing the percentage of total carcass meat

5- Creating balance in the digestive system

6- Reducing the cost of rations and increasing economic efficiency

7- Reducing subcutaneous fat and improving carcass quality

8- Suitable for raising cows, cows, dairy sheep and goats, lactating lambs, horses

Unlike corn grain, the fermentation rate of milled barley in the rumen is very high, and in the situation where most of the concentrate grains of high production and super production livestock and fattening concentrates are made up of barley grain, the probability of clinical and subclinical rumen acidosis increases. find The consequence of this problem, on the one hand, will cause a lot of costs for the treatment of acidosis and lameness, and on the other hand, it will cause a decrease in livestock production. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to achieve a completely balanced diet with the right ratio of carbohydrates and proteins that can be broken down in the rumen without using barley seeds.

نتایج بسیاری از تحقیقات نشان داده است که پرک کردن (فلیک کردن) دانه جو با بخار نرخ تخمیر را به سمت تولید اسید استیک و پروپیوتیک پیش می رود.

for the first time in Iran Chavdaneh With the use of special chemical methods and the method of cracking barley grains, a very special product is produced, which, in addition to the low rate of ruminal fermentation, also has a higher passable starch. Using cracked barley شرکت چاودانه علاوه بر کاهش احتمال بروز اسیدوز با استفاده از جو می توان در شرایط قیمتی مناسب مقادیر بیشتری از جو را جایگزین دانه ذرت کرد.

جو پرک شده

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